App of the Week: Mashfeed

Separating signal from noise in social is a challenge for marketers and consumers alike. One app that aims to change how users discover quality social media content amid cluttered feeds is Mashfeed. The app is designed to allow even the most casual social user to discover interesting content via feeds organized by topic from the most popular social sites.

Users can browse through feeds assembled by top social media content creators or build their own mashfeeds—which they can make private or keep public. Additionally, the app helps companies simultaneously track numerous social media accounts and campaigns, as well as analyze relevant business trends and filter hashtag content.

“[It had] become increasingly difficult and time-consuming to find new users and brands to follow that I’m actually interested in,” Founder and Creator Adam Mashaal said regarding the genesis of the Mashfeed app. His goal was to make it “fun and effortless to browse through and discover quality content.”

Judging from these users’ tweets the app should be renamed Smashfeed:

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