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App of the Week: CardsApp

Had CardsApp been around in the late 1990s, George Costanza could have been saved some back pain thanks to a lighter wallet. The loyalty/payment app lets users select loyalty cards on their phone or smartwatch to display QR codes at check out time.

The app aims to go beyond user conveniences and build a full cloud-based loyalty ecosystem designed with merchants in mind, as well, by proving tools to create a digital loyalty card rather than physical ones. By creating such a loyalty system, the company maintains, merchants will be contributing to a greener world—greener for merchants and users alike, and simpler for users, who won’t need to carry a stack of cards in their wallet.

In addition, CardsApp keeps consumers updated with discounts from participating brands and boasts a spam-free policy; it sends users only the notifications they’ve opted in to receive. CardsApp also aims to protect users’ privacy; it prohibits merchants from viewing any personal information except such basic demographic information as age and gender. Whether this is a benefit to customers who want highly relevant offers—and the marketers who’d like to provide them—is a conversation for another day.

Alisa is really loving it.

Samuel loves it, too.

You can even wear it.

But not everyone is a fan.

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