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Amazing Customer Experience: It’s the Little Things

It really is the little things that customers notice. Small, inexpensive perks are the most important part of an amazing customer experience.
It really is the little things that customers notice. Small, inexpensive perks are the most important part of an amazing customer experience.

It really is the little things that customers notice. Small, inexpensive perks are the most important part of an amazing customer experience.

Are you paying attention to the little things? Customers typically remember the small things more than the product or service they received. A truly amazing customer experience is built on many little things appropriately engaged on behalf of the customer.

Here are six strategies to exceed consumer expectations and increase loyalty.

1. An amazing customer experience begins with attentiveness.

The New York restaurateur Danny Meyer is a perfectionist. He educated his staff to notice and act on even the smallest details about a guest.

If you mention it when making a reservation, the manager will come to the table and wish you a happy birthday. If a staff member overhears a guest saying they like or dislike something, everyone who has contact with that guest knows about it. They even customize your meals.

For those who value attentiveness, dining at one of his restaurants is a unique delight. It’s no surprise that his restaurants often compete for the top spot in the Zagat guide’s “Most Popular” list. His book, Setting the Table, is full of important business ideas that all businesses might learn from, and it’s a fun read, too.

2. Recognition is a big part of an amazing customer experience.

Greeting your customers by name is a kind and appreciated touch that enhances their business experience.

For appointments, the receptionist should make eye contact, smile, and say “Good morning, are you Mr. Morgan?” if she isn’t sure, or simply “Good morning, Mr. Morgan” if she is.

People love visiting where they are known and where it feels like they are happy to see them. Furthermore, there is nothing more flattering or more special than being greeted by name when entering a business.

3. Personalization means you make it all about them.

Don’t we all have a tale about the coffee shop waitress who knows just how we like our iced tea? Haven’t we all been to that diner where the cook starts making your favorite dish as soon as you walk in? What about the salesperson who recalls your favorite hue and gives you items in pink?

Additionally, what about the florist who never uses a certain flower because they know it makes you sneeze? Then there is the wine shop that calls you when a certain vintage is restocked because they know you like it.

These encounters provide value and inspire a lot of loyalty.

Therefore, is there anything you and your team can do to show your consumers that you remember them? In addition, is there anything you can do to cater to their every transaction? This is what an amazing customer experience is all about.

4. Consideration: Where amazing customer experience lives.

Do you or your staff often walk clients to the exit and open it for them?

How often do you or your employees help “older women” (or anyone who appears fragile or unsteady) carry their purchases to their cars? If you have a waiting area with senior clients, do you have seats that are higher? In addition, do those chairs have arms so they are easier to enter and exit?

Have you thought of selling candles with your birthday cakes? Do you have a little stepstool at your pediatric dental office so the child can reach the sink? In addition, do you have something that could be put on a key to identify it so the client remembers what it is for?

These are some of the little things that make a customer experience memorable.

5. Appreciation goes a long way.

What do you do to thank your customers, clients, or patients?

After all, you are not alone in your business. Do you show your customers that you value and appreciate their business? Appreciation is a universally significant experience. Likewise, it is one of the keys to an amazing customer experience.

You might invite VIPs to a sale a day early or organize an invitation-only event one evening with a big discount as part of the event. You may gift-wrap their parcels or give them freebies. For services, give away a free check-up or something similar.

Always let them know that you are doing this for them because you value them as a customer.

In addition, make sure you let them know that you are glad they are there and that you want to demonstrate your appreciation. Furthermore, sending a handwritten note on nice stationery is one of the easiest ways to thank a customer. However, we often overlook this kindness. Remember, it’s the little things that count.

6. Sharing Delight: Providing customer experience with a smile.

Make your customers smile and laugh whenever appropriate.

You can surprise their child, parent, or pet. A contest or drawing for something amusing to share with family and friends can make people chuckle.

Give their youngster balloons or a pleasant mid-afternoon snack.

Wrapping it up…and throwing in a bright, shiny bow for free.

Customers’ perceptions of you are shaped through meaningful and unexpected experiences.

These small things are easy to overlook or dismiss. Sometimes less is more. Therefore, it’s the little details that keep people talking about you and recommending you to everyone they know.

In conclusion, when times are rough, small-business owners sometimes cut corners to save money. However, personalization and consideration are free. As a result, make sure you never cut those corners.

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