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ALC Distributes Harte-Hanks' CI TechTarget

American List Counsel, Princeton, NJ, was selected last week by Harte-Hanks Market Intelligence, La Jolla, CA, to act as list manager of the Central Intelligence TechTarget file, which is derived from the CI Technology Database of over 2 million functional decision-making contacts worldwide.

“It's really the only file that offers comprehensive coverage of technologically oriented companies,” said Missy Root, vice president, list management at ALC. The database differs from other compiled files on the market in that the information is 100 percent telephone-verified, Root added.

CI TechTarget has never before been available to direct marketers as a traditional list rental file. It has been segmented into the following eight subsets to enable mailers to target specific areas:

• Fortune 1000 Corporate Power Contacts — more than 168,000 names;

• Human Resource Executives — more than 113,000 names;

• I-Business Executives — more than 211,000 names;

• IT Decision-Makers — more than 539,000 names;

• Business Management Executives — more than 480,000 names;

• Small/Mid-Size Business Executives — more than 370,000 names;

• Women Tech Executives — more than 214,000 names.

Additional selects on all of the above subsets include geography, gender, job function, employee size, operating systems and programming languages.

Counts and other additional information can be obtained through ALC.

The file is maintained by Applied Information Group, Kenilworth, NJ, and will be updated quarterly.

Harte-Hanks Market Intelligence was acquired by Harte-Hanks Inc., San Antonio, in 1999. It was formerly known as Ziff-Davis Market Intelligence.

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