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Agency/Client: Rosetta

Seeking to burnish its reputation for interactive marketing, Rosetta created an online game that incorporated augmented reality (AR). The “Snowday” microsite encouraged visitors to catch falling snowflakes with their tongue. By combining facial-recognition software and motion-tracking algorithms, the AR game could track the player’s tongue as it “caught” virtual snowflakes. Once participants caught 1 million snowflakes, the firm delivered on the cause aspect of the campaign, filling a New Orleans park with snow for area kids.

Chief Creative Officer
Gary Scheiner

Executive Creative Director
Toni Hess

Chuck Wells

Art Director/Designer
Damien Girardi


Ihave.org.uk – It’s Handraising, Not Fundraising

Agency/Client: Story UK

Story UK wanted to do something charitable, but also creative for its end-of-year holiday initiative. It built a website for 25 charities that highlighted their “wish lists” of what skill sets and resources they were in need of, such as used clothing and a “database whizkid.” The initiative gave back to the community while also showing off the agency’s creative and digital skills.

Creative Director
Dave Mullen

Digital Creative Director
Ailsa Jones

Head of Copy
Olivia Donaldson

Charlie Gordon

Head of Art
Susan Anderson

White Christmas

Agency/Client: OgilvyOne London

OgilvyOne London wanted a creative way to let its clients and prospects know about the firm’s digital marketing capabilities. Realizing that changing someone’s mind is often better done by showing, not telling, OgilvyOne produced a lighthearted Apple and Android app just in time for Christmas. It sent the app to 1,000 clients and saw 70,000 downloads.

Art Directors
John Trainor
Melanie Ferguson

Colin Nimick


Search for the world’s greatest salesperson
Agency/Client: OgilvyOne
ECD: Mat Zucker

Hallway football
Agency/Client: Grupo
Bassat Ogilvy
ECD: Mun Tuck Wai

You make Exquisite cars, we create enthusiastic clients
Agency/Client: Underline, Czech Republic
MD: Marek Ridky

Find your perfect match
Agency/Client: BMF
CD: Dylan Taylor


NOOGLE/Single business

Agency: CP Proximity

Spanish agency CP Proximity wanted to wish people a “Merry Christmas” and help ease the effects of the financial crisis. The agency found that the word “Crisis” outnumbered “Christmas” 187 million to 40 million in Google.es results, so it set out to help even the score. Its solution was Noogle, a search engine that showed only Christmas-related results. The agency encouraged bloggers to both use the word Christmas and mention the search engine, and asked Noogle users to post Christmas-related comments in social media forums. After a month, search results for “Christmas” increased 160%, admittedly due in part to the holiday’s approach. Noogle drove the number of results up by 6,000, due to 10,000 visits and 100 blog mentions.

Executive Creative Director
Eva Santos

Alba Vence

Art Director
Pablo Mateos

IT Director
Vicens Fayos

Online Development
Ruben Mejias

E-strategic Planner and New Media Director
Juan Manuel Ramirez

Account Manager
Alba Cristobal

Account Executive
Sigfrid Marine

An enviable position/Single business

Agency: Proximity, Portugal

Portugal’s BBDO Group, consisting of ad shop BBDO, direct marketing arm Proximity and design specialists RMAC, wanted to strengthen its reputation as the most awarded agency in Portugal. Playing off what the agency describes as unfounded envy-fueled negative press, mostly from anonymous blogs, Proximity sent voodoo dolls of its chairman, João Wengorovius, labeling him “É invejável,” or “It’s an enviable position.” The doll and three pins – gold, silver and bronze – accompanied weekly industry publication Meios&Publicidade. Subscribers were directed to www.e-invejavel.com, which received about 3,000 visits. The effort was clearly successful. One day after the campaign launched, Wengorovius was sent to the hospital with back pain.

Chief Creative Officer
Pedro Bidarra

Creative Directors
Nuno Duarte, Paulo Monteiro

Creative Supervisor
Marco Barrento

Andreia Ribeiro

Art Director
Ricardo Marques

Party for food/Single business

Agency: Proximity BBDO, Belgium

Proximity BBDO has a tradition of hosting a New Year party for clients, vendors and staff. The economic climate last year made the usual gathering difficult, but the agency did not want to forego the customer relationshp benefits and solidarity the get-together offers. To justify the party, Proximity didn’t just cut corners; it reduced the budget down to nothing and donated all proceeds from the party to Povorello, a non-governmental organization based in Brussels that aids the homeless. Proximity employees performed all tasks, from hand-writing the 450 invitations on donated cardboard to cooking and dishwashing at the event to managing the toilet facilities at the event. 11,850 euros were raised for Povorello.

Proximity BBDO Team

Bush bye bye party/Business campaign

Agency: Shackleton

For its annual holiday card, Spanish agency Shackleton looked just beyond the two largest media stories from 2008, which were Barack Obama’s election and the global financial crisis, and capitalized on a related story: George W. Bush’s last full day in office, January 19th. The agency launched and highlighted in its holiday card a global farewell party. At www.bushbyebyeparty.com, visitors could download invitations, music and cocktail recipes. Visitors could set up private, public or virtual parties, and 500 souvenir wristwatches were sent out, including one to President Bush himself. Five promotional spots posted online generated 1500 parties in 317 cities in 50 countries. 

Executive Creative Directors
Juan Silva, Alfonso Marian

Dm Creative Director
Antonio Herrero

Creative Directors
Pablo Gonzalez de la Pena, Victor Aguilar, Nacho Guillo

Interactive Director
Enric Nel-lo

General Manager
Alex Baixas

Communication Manager
Luciana Borges

Audiovisual Production Manager
Manuela Zamora

Graphic Production Manager
Itxaro Vicuna

Paloma Martin


Aim Xmas card
AIM Proximity
CD: Dave King

The place for daily recognition
Art director: Tom Crimp

Shit kicker
CD: Dylan Taylor

Draftfcb Partners Werbeagentur Ges.m.b.H.
CCO: Bernd Fliesser

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