Acoustic Launches in New York City

In the first of a series of launch events in the United States and overseas, Acoustic brought its product roadmap, and a collection of guest speakers, to a converted factory space on the west side of Manhattan.

As we reported in July, Acoustic is the company built on the foundations of IBM’s spun-off marketing tech assets, and comes with a ready-made customer base of some 3,500 clients.

At this event, Jay Henderson, SVP of product, reiterated the key themes of Acoustic’s development plans:

  • A modern marketing platform
  • An open eco-system, and
  • Embedded AI

I made it my priority to catch up with a new member of the team, Norman Guadagno, who is only a few weeks into the CMO role. I asked Norman about how he arrived at Acoustic, his vision for marketing the company, and about how he plans to raise name recognition and profile to match it’s IBM legacy. He told me he doesn’t like the word “legacy.” Listen below.


Profitero, an eCommerce analytics platform, just released U.S. consumer data on how the holidays are shaping up. If you didn’t know already, in terms of how shoppers plan their holiday spending, we’re already in the middle innings.


And finally, news from DAM provider Bynder, which today annnounced a new content creation product for marketing and branding teams. Its Digital Brand Templates are aimed at accelerating content creation by generating re-usable templates from creative files from solutions like Adobe. The tempates can be customized rapidly to meet the demands of fast-moving channels like social media. 

Bynder is also enhancing its Brand Guidelines offering, providing clients with a “single source of truth” for compliance in the creation, management, distribution, and use of brand assets. 

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