2015 40Under40 Winner: Jessica Nable

Jessica Nable, Vice President, Strategic Communications, Epsilon

In 2008 Epsilon’s communications team consisted of one person: Jessica Nable. In the five years since, Nable grew her team from a one-woman show to a nimble unit of communications professionals, and rose to her current position. Her team handles not only external communications—securing more than 450 media mentions for Epsilon last year, as well as a high-profile interview with 60 Minutes for Epsilon CEO Bryan Kennedy—but also serves 7,000 associates in 70 offices across the globe. A lover of family, music, and motherhood, Nable is one of the youngest VPs at her company, and a leading voice in the greater marketing communications conversation.

Defining moment: For more than two years after I joined Epsilon I was a team of one, responsible for all internal and external communications for the company. It was extremely challenging from a resources perspective, but it enabled me to learn a lot about our business and forge strong internal relationships. I’m now grateful to have a nimble and highly capable team.

Words to live by: Know your audience. This matters in my professional life in many ways. It’s how I differentiate Epsilon with the media, and how I can successfully support dozens of executives and subject matter experts.

Strategy shift: Over the past couple of years the dialogue around data and consumer privacy for our industry has become front and center. At Epsilon, we felt we needed to have a voice and lead the industry on this topic. It was a bold decision to shift from being reactive on privacy to proactively initiating conversations with the media and seeking the podium at conferences and events.

Up next: The concept of one-to-one marketing has been talked about for a long time, but I believe we’re only now at a point where brands have the ability to engage with the consumer on an individual level, at scale, using deep insights.

Advice to young marketers: Be data savvy. You don’t need to be a math geek or a data scientist to gain data proficiency.

Perry Simpson

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