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2015 40Under40 Winner: Elizabeth Holub

Elizabeth Holub, Marketing Manager; Interim Manager, Performance Promotion, Carl Fischer Music & Theodore Presser Company

Like a true maestro, Holub has masterfully orchestrated a diverse career. From orchestra manager and professional classical musician, to publicist and marketing manager, to cultivating orchestral programming, Holub has always been a creative problem solver and team leader.  Today, whether selling music teachers and performers on new products or persuading The New York Times to conduct a photo essay and interview on the company, Holub applies curiosity, data, and diligence to accomplish unexpected tasks. In fact, she was able to successfully coordinate the relaunch of the two organization’s websites, increasing online revenue by nearly 100%.

Defining moment: I was the general manager at the Neponset Valley philharmonic. While I was there, a bunch of restraints occurred and the question was, “Do they pay me or do they pay the musicians?” So, I stepped down; I said, “You need to pay the musicians and we also need to work on a different business model.” Having to say, “I love this job but [will step down” to help their future] really made me think about what part of the job I liked. It turned out to be the marketing, so when I was looking for jobs I looked for marketing jobs.

Words to live by: My personal motto is if you can do it now and do it well, just do it now.

Strategy shift + Up next: I work in music publishing and a big thing we’re working on now is that customers want to be able to buy their music and digitally download it. We’re all trying to figure out what’s the best way to offer digital downloads of music while keeping our copyright integrity. We can’t just give it away for free, but we understand that people want to be able to buy sheet music and print it right then. Up next is the software and the hardware to provide that for people.

Advice to young marketers: Follow your instincts.

–Andrew Corselli

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