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2015 40Under40 Winner: Chad Hallert

Chad Hallert, Strategy Director, Noble Studios

With more than a dozen certifications in digital marketing, Hallert is certifiably awesome. That depth of knowledge underpins his creation of marketing, analytics, and optimization services for Noble Studios that’s led to two consecutive years of more than 100% growth—and increased marketing services revenue attributable to his team to 40% of total company revenue. His efforts are leading to growth for customers, as well; for example, last year his clients saw a more than 40% increase in organic search traffic.

Defining moment: One challenge I’ve personally had to overcome is trying to be Superman and take on the world. I’ve had to learn that no matter how smart you are, or how hard you work, there are simply limitations on the impact that any one individual can make. This is where the importance of a team comes in. Rather than saying yes to everything, it’s important to align your time as a leader with the efforts that will drive the greatest impact to the organization. Allow your team members to stretch themselves and take on more responsibility and ownership. This has taken a lot of practice, and has made a huge difference in my career.

Words to live by: “Is it the ‘Noble’ thing to do?” 

Strategy shift: It’s going to be a pivot point for the industry once we shift from using last click as a way to evaluate everything to understanding the full impact of hearing a radio spot, seeing a banner ad, doing a Google search, and then coming back via an email before you convert—what that whole looks like.

Up next: Right now, I’m totally stoked on website personalization…. I envision five years down the road every person who views a website is going to see a slightly unique experience.

Advice to young marketers: Follow your passion; align with the right leadership; and don’t worry about money, it will follow.

–Elyse Dupré

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