2015 40Under40 Winner: Brad Bedoe

Brad Bedoe, Director, Lead Generation Marketing, Fleetmatics

Bedoe says that welcoming new opportunities—even when he’s nervous—has allowed him to grow in his career. “One of the biggest professional accomplishments that I’ve had at Fleetmatics is building a marketing team from the ground up that supports roughly 30% year-over-year growth,” he says. “I’m proud that I was a part of the team that was able to take this company public on the New York Stock Exchange.”

Defining moment: When [then-CMO] Brendan Sullivan invited me down to Fleetmatics. It was in such startup mode at the time. The office wasn’t much to look at; there was broken furniture in the corner; exposed wires were hanging out. I thought it was a joke. But [Brendan] took me to lunch; he explained the business plan and the opportunity. And I handed in my resignation that afternoon to CDW.

Words to live by: “Every opportunity that you have to interact with somebody is an opportunity for you to increase or decrease his trust in you.”

Strategy shift: Top of funnel—that’s a strategy shift for us. In other industries and in other markets, it’s probably more established. But for ours it’s a maturing market, and there’s nobody owning that space. That’s an opportunity for us.

Up next: It’s not new, but mobile. It’s so impactful.

Advice to young marketers: Find more than one professional mentor.

–Natasha D. Smith

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