2014 Essential Guide to Content Marketing

Direct Marketing News is proud to present the 2014 Essential Guide to Content Marketing, our comprehensive supplement offering strategies and tactics to help ensure that your content marketing strategy is everything it needs to be.

Editor’s Note: The Content Marketing Obsession
The age-old practice of content marketing, revitalized through digital, is more alluring than ever.

Hot List: Content Marketing Gets Creative
4 ways marketers are using content to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

Content Marketing Fuels the Customer Lifecycle
One blog post read infers infatuation. Two white paper downloads and you’re going steady. Three mailing-list opens says it’s serious…

Strategy First, Then Content
Creating marketing content without a plan will waste time, resources, and effort.

How to Snag the Top Content Job
What does it take to land a job as a chief content officer or head of content marketing? The founder of the Content Marketing Institute has some tips.

Trends: 12 Content  Marketing Gaffes to Avoid
As the popularity of using content marketing increases exponentially, so too does the potential for missteps. 

Parting Shot: Ignite Your Content Marketing
5 tips for harnessing internal expertise to create compelling content.

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