2013 Essential Guide to Data-Driven Marketing

Direct marketing and customer data—it’s a match made in heaven, but only if you do it right. The 2013 Essential Guide to Data-Driven Marketing is packed with data insights to make sure you are.

Editor’s Note: Data Is a Marketer’s Best Asset
Marketers look to gain an edge by using analytics.

Hot List: 4 Data Issues Marketers Should Not Ignore
Big Data may be top-of-mind, but there are other important data issues that marketers must stay focused on.

Navigating the Murky Boundaries of Privacy
Marketers using customer data to improve performance must balance customers’ expectation of privacy with their preference for relevant communications

Q&A: Sarah Branam, privacy manager, Epsilon
Epsilon knows the advantages—and risks—of collecting consumer data.

Data in Harmony
A healthy relationship with customer data, which requires compromise, does more than bring marketers peace of mind—it produces results.

3M’s Tribal Advantage
As one of the world’s largest conglomerates, it would be easy to assume that 3M is full of data silos and communications blind alleys—not the case.

Marketers Sound Off: Trends to Watch
Overlook this Data Issue and Lose Customers: Don’t get so distracted by Big Data that other challenges or opportunities go unheeded.

The ROI of Marketing Data
Building the business case for data investment to impact marketing.

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