You can now personalize your web content for specific visitors using AddThis audience targeting

Content engagement platform AddThis is releasing a new tool for content marketers to create personalized web experiences for site visitors.

AddThis’s new audience targeting tool will allow brands to show content items to site visitors based on their previous browsing history, demographic information and the device they’re using. This allows for a higher degree of engagement, especially for repeat visitors as they can be shown content relevant to their interests and the stage of the buying journey they’re in. For example, if a site visitor comes to a certain publisher fter browsing healthcare websites, the engine will surface an article, blog post or video related to that topic. And if a visitor is coming back to the website, the engine will surface newer, more advanced content items to keep the visitor hooked.

“For decades now, website owners have been forced to create the same experience for every visitor that comes to their website, which makes it nearly impossible to deliver truly differentiated experiences and present targeted content recommendations and offers,” says Charlie Reverte, general manager of website tools, AddThis. “Our new audience targeting offering addresses these challenges so website owners can boost engagement and conversions.”

Although a site visitor’s browsing habits within the brand’s website definitely influence the content they will be shown, the platform also considers browsing habits all across the web. With over 1.8 billion unique users per month and social sharing tools present on 14 million websites, AddThis has plenty of browsing data to feed into its content recommendation engine.

Previously, the audience targeting tool was only available to advertisers and higher end publishers but AddThis is making it available as part of their AddThisPro subscription, which starts at $12 a month. 

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