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Elizabeth Goodspeed’s unique photographic exploration of Italy

"Unique Italy"
“Unique Italy”

Renowned American editor, Elizabeth Goodspeed, is gaining attention through her unique photographic exploration of northern Italy. Carving a path away from traditional tourist sites, she chose to document daily life through the local signage, establishing a fresh perspective on Italy’s rich culture and aesthetics.

Having bypassed iconic landmarks such as the Colosseum or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Goodspeed’s lens turned instead towards the mundane but captivating elements of Italian life, like rustic road signs, and old wall graffiti. Her unorthodox approach beautifully highlighted a side of Italy often ignored by tourists, sparking an appreciation for the charm that lies beyond the popular attractions.

Goodspeed’s work resonated with many, her blog consequently going viral. Her next plan is to apply this unique method of exploration to other parts of the world, with her expanded audience eagerly awaiting another mesmerizing pictorial journey.

Goodspeed’s overall journey didn’t just rely on spontaneous inspiration, but also strategic planning and thoughtful budgeting. A 2-week tour of Italy included authentic experiences of indulging in aperitifs, trying genuine Italian ice cream, and of course, photographing a myriad local signs.

An assortment of fascinating signs caught her eye, ranging from intricate wrought iron shop signs to simple but captivating clip-art in grand cathedrals, all fast becoming irresistible backdrops for impromptu photo sessions.

Goodspeed’s photographic journey through everyday Italy

Every sign she encountered, she viewed as an ongoing lesson in design and communication.

For Goodspeed, signs were more than just navigational indicators; they were integral components contributing to the aesthetic and narrative of a place. Encouraging the idea that one should find joy and inspiration in common, everyday elements.

Goodspeed extends her observations beyond signs, noting how even an everyday electrical outlet can inspire curiosity in a foreign place. The emotion evoked by colour schemes, the relationship between architecture and culture, all these unnoticed elements contribute to a location’s unique character. Through highlighting these details, Goodspeed was able to boost the appreciation for beauty hidden in everyday life.

In summary, Goodspeed offers a new method of appreciating everyday designs. Thinking of signs less as practical tools and more as crucial elements that shape the unique character of a place. Her work invites us to perceive our surroundings as a living museum, where every signpost has a tale to tell.

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