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Yahoo aims for dominance in the mobile space

Yahoo announced that it intends to place itself in the No. 1 slot when it comes to worldwide mobile services.

The company has partnered with Opera Software, where the Internet giant will provide mobile search to Web browsers for mobile phones, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile.

Samsung also has partnered with Yahoo to distribute and load Yahoo services on Samsung phones in more than 60 countries. The services to be included under the deal are Yahoo Go for Mobile 2.0, Yahoo oneSearch and Yahoo mail and messenger.

Yahoo also has spread its wings, offering services in Britain, Ireland, Sweden and Denmark for the first time.

The company plans to develop tighter integrations between Yahoo oneSearch and the Blackberry platform during the first half of this year.

In addition, Nokia will be making the Yahoo platform available on the Nokia Series 40, an interface that powers Nokia’s broadest range of mobile devices world. The company also will distribute and load Yahoo services on Nokia Series 40 devices.

Sony plans to work with Yahoo to bring video content to Sony BRAVIA Internet-ready television sets. This will allow consumers to access Web videos through a remote control interface.

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