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Wunderman acquires Singapore-based Comwerks Interactive

Direct marketing agency Wunderman has acquired Singapore-based Comwerks Interactive, a digital agency with a focus on analytics and optimization.

Wunderman has quadrupled its size in the Asia-Pacific region in the past four years and bolstered its digital operations. It acquired Agenda in 2008, Blast Radius in 2007 and Zaaz in 2006.

The move gives Wunderman access to brands such as Dell, Microsoft and Nokia in the Asia-Pacific region, the agency said.

“Outside of global business, you also have a large government business in Singapore,” said Daniel Morel, chairman and CEO of Wunderman. “This is a way to work with the Singaporean government, from airlines and gambling to tourism and employment. It’s a nice weapon to be added to our arsenal for our clients.”

The acquisition will also help Wunderman boost its digital capabilities.

“All business is converting to digital,” says Morel. “We’re a digital player. It’s the bedrock of communication. When you talk about digital, first and foremost you’re talking about data and the insight that helps you target one-to-one communication.”

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