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Why Traditional Call Tracking Is No Longer Enough

Call tracking has been providing vital campaign performance information for over a decade. But traditional call tracking only tracks what happens before the call, and in today’s data hungry environment it is simply not enough to know which marketing channel generated the phone call. Digital marketers need deep analytics about phone calls, and they need call-based marketing automation. With recent advances in call tracking technology, marketers now have more insight into calls than ever. This is important for agencies, enterprises, and SMBs. 

In this webcast, Carlton van Putten–who has spoken at marketing events across North America–will share emerging trends for call analytics in 2014. He’ll explain why traditional call tracking is not relevant – in light of what today’s call analytics solutions can do. And he’ll share more than 25 pieces of proprietary data gathered by analyzing MILLIONS of calls in Q2 of 2014. 

Join us for this webcast and learn:

  • How to automatically know what happened on your inbound calls without listening to them
  • Examples of the 45 analytics advanced solutions can extract from calls
  • How speech analytics works


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