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Why Marketing Is Essential to Customer Trust in E-commerce

Marketers can create amazing personalized online experiences. But, if customers are too wary of site security to make a purchase, then all that flash is for naught. Consider: 24% of Americans stopped buying online because of recent breaches at large retail companies, according to a Princeton Survey poll last year. Another 56% said they reduced the number of Internet sites they use. Consumers’ increased anxiety about Internet shopping threatens e-tail growth.

Join Shane Lundy, strategic security advisor for Symantec Norton Shopping Guarantee, to learn about the measures that leading online retailers have taken to increase credibility and security on their websites. Additionally, hear from Ginger Conlon, editor-in-chief of Direct Marketing News, on marketing’s role in strengthening online customer trust.

You’ll hear how to:

  • Differentiate your business through service
  • Focusing on customer concerns that prevent visitors from converting
  • Boost customer confidence in website security
  • Increase website conversion and sales
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