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Why Advertisers Care About Driving Calls To Their Business

driving calls to your business

It may come as a surprise that phone calls are still incredibly valuable to advertisers. This might be surprising as calls seem to have faded in relevance due to the creation of texting and smartphones. So why is this the case? Why do advertisers care about driving calls to their business? In short, it is because phone calls to an advertiser’s line are worth far more than a simple click on their web link. 

Better Indicator

The reason for this worth is that phone calls are a much better indicator of an ad’s effectiveness than a simple click on a link. In fact, phone calls are the easiest and most accurate way for advertisers to measure advertising success. This is because it is much easier for a consumer to simply click on the link at the end of an advertisement than to actually call the phone number that may be listed/associated with the advertisement.

If someone is actually taking the time to dial a number, wait on the line, and speak to an associate, they clearly are very interested in what is being advertised. Therefore, if the interest (also known as consumer lead) is higher, the rate of purchase is likely going to be higher as well. 

Conversion Rates

Most advertisers are focused on raising their conversion rates. Conversion rates refer to the number of visitors on your site/viewers of the advertisement that completed the desired action. This is the call to action of the advertisement, i.e. “Add to Cart”). Phone calls are the best method for increasing conversion rates because it allows advertisers to best gauge consumer leads. If advertisers get to speak with consumers directly over the phone, they are likely to have better conversion rates. Because, as mentioned, the consumer is likely already interested if they are taking the time to make a phone call.

Additionally, it is easier to convince or persuade someone to make a purchase or sign up for what you are offering if you can speak to them directly. The personal touch of a phone call allows you to better tailor what you are selling to that specific individual. As a result of these higher conversion rates, the sales conversion rates will likely increase as well. 

So, how can you begin to generate more customer phone calls? 

First and foremost, you need to have a very clear and strong CTA or Call to Action. Specifically writing “Call Us for More Information at This Number” is much more enticing to consumers than simply “Click Here”. Because it outlines exactly what they should be doing. Consumers want concise guidance and direction. So, making certain that your website or advertisement has a good navigational system is essential to getting leads. If your website is unorganized and users cannot figure out how to contact you, then they will not hesitate to leave your site right away. 

Another major tool to use? Call Tracking. This is a type of analytics tool that allows you to monitor and measure the number of calls that a specific advertisement draws in. 

Additionally, you should not underestimate the value of incentives. Incentives are very effective, even if the incentive itself is not particularly strong. For example, it would cost your company very little to offer a small coupon or discount in exchange for consumers’ phone calls. And the final payoff would likely be greater than the loss–that is just how valuable phone calls can be. 

Final Thoughts

In short, though phone calls may seem like an outdated form of advertising and selling, advertisers care about driving calls to their business because their value cannot be underestimated. By giving consumers clear direction and calls to action on your advertisements and website content, you can drive more phone calls which, in turn, allows you to increase sales. 

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