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Adobe Cloud Taps Into Phone Calls

DialogTech, a call analytics software provider, today announced two new integrations with the Adobe Marketing Cloud to offer Adobe users insight into the dynamics of website visitors and callers.

The company’s integration with Adobe Media Optimizer enables optimization of search, display, and social media campaigns by helping advertisers attain an understanding of which campaigns drive phone calls and conversions. DialogTech (formerly known as Ifbyphone) assigns specific phone numbers to ads to determine which are driving the most leads.

It also integrated with Adobe Analytics to offer insight into how Web visitors turn into callers by tracking phone calls against Web and offline data and providing intelligence on sources of inbound calls.

BIA/Kelsey, a local media consulting company, last year released a study showing that calls driven to businesses as a result of mobile searches grew from 10 billion to more than 30 billion in three years, and projects the number to reach 70 billion in 2018.

“Mobile is disrupting traditional marketing funnel optimization. The mobile device fundamentally changes the way consumers discover, research, and purchase,” said Josh Mallamud, SVP of corporate development & strategic partnerships at DialogTech. “A phone call is the natural conversion method from mobile marketing.”

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