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WhoRepresents helps brands connect with celebrity influencers


WhoRepresents provides online databases with contact information for representatives of talent working in the entertainment, music, and sports industries.

Monthly subscriptions for one-user accounts are $12.99 to access one of the company’s three databases (celebrity, music, or sports); $19.98 to access two databases; and $26.97 to access to all three.

An annual rate of $275.00 for a one-user subscription to all three databases is available.

Pricing for corporate or multi-user subscriptions is based on the number of users and database access required. This typically runs from $55 to $450 per month.

Courtney Curzi, VP at Hollywood PR, has been using WhoRepresents for three years at Hollywood PR and more than five years in total.  

How do you use it?
After logging on with your email and password, you land on the homepage where you can type in the name of celebrity, entertainer, or athlete and find out who represents them. You can also type in an agent’s name to see what celebrities, entertainers, and athletes they represent.

There’s also an industry news section, as well as industry facts, such as the top 10 representatives and the top 10 celebrities, on the homepage.

If you have a question or an issue with the site, you fill out an online form. There’s no telephone support. I’ve contacted Who Represents twice, and each time I’ve heard back within 48 hours.

How does it serve your business needs?
WhoRepresents helps us connect with celebrities who, in turn, drive awareness and social buzz for our clients.

Many of our clients are interested in connecting with celebrities for product
seeding or for an event or a specific campaign. More and more, our clients find the use of celebrity’s pushes the needle for their business, so as an agency we need a tool to find these people.

We have clients in the juvenile space and in the footwear space that are very interested in getting their products into the hands of the most relevant celebrities.

For example, one of our clients that manufactures baby products asked us to seed products with celebrities. So any time a celebrity announces that she is expecting, our client wants us to send their products to that celebrity. WhoRepresents helps us find their agents so we can connect with them and offer products.

It’s the same with our footwear client. When the company has new products coming out – right now its winter boots – they want to get them to celebrities and their kids. 

We’ve seen efforts pay off in the media. On multiple occasions, celebrities that we have sent products to appeared in major entertainment magazines using those products. A major celebrity was recently featured in People magazine and other outlets with her two daughters wearing boots that were manufactured by our footwear client.

What are the main benefits?
Simplicity. We can easily and quickly determine celebrity representation. 

It is comprehensive – full contact information for agents is provided.

It’s affordable and the lists for celebrities, athletes, entertainers, and musicians are fairly robust.

What are the main drawbacks?
Sometimes multiple people – three or four agents and a personal assistant – are listed for a celebrity, so it can be hard to determine which is the correct one to connect with first.

There’s no phone support. I like to be able to call and talk to someone live if I’m having an issue.

What would you like to see improved/added? 
I’d like to see more industry trend content. There is an industry news section that’s pooled from entertainment outlets like Variety. But I’d like to know more about up-and-coming talent because reaching the top 10 celebrities can be difficult. 

IMDBPro: provides entertainment industry contact and representation information as well as industry news, casting information, and more. 

Contact Any Celebrity: provides contact information for celebrities, their representatives, entertainment companies, and more.

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