What You Need to Know Nov 11: Mailkimp, e-mail marketing and Pinfluencers

Recode explored the world of Pinterest Influencers and their talent agents. Kyla Brennan, founder of Pinterest-focused talent network Hello Society, said that her average clients make $250,000 a year, and that many companies have decreased marketing budgets elsewhere to focus on Pinterest. 

CIO published a number of tips for e-mail marketing, including making sure your message is mobile friendly.

FastCompany was one of many outlets to discuss the “MailKimp” phenomenon. As sole sponsor of the much hyped Serial podcast, MailChimp has gotten a ton of buzz, especially because of the opening advertisement where a young girl mispronounces MailChimp as MailKimp.

“Soon after the MailKimp buzz began, it bought the domain MailKimp.com, which now quietly redirects to MailChimp.”

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