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Welcome to AI Week

It’s not our job to convince you that AI is more than a buzz word.  If you still believe that, maybe you’re a lost cause. Take cover behind the Excel spreadsheets and the Rolodex.

For the rest of us, the pressing questions are: 

  1. How is AI already changing my working life?
  2. Why is it making such an impact on marketing, specifically?
  3. What are the latest developments I should know about?
  4. Is a robot going to take my job?

We can’t condense the whole wonderful world of AI, from shop-floor robots to the “Singularity,” all into one week of content. But we can, and will, address those questions above from various angles. We’ll look at using AI for lead scoring; at how some executives expected too much from AI too soon; at AI’s impact on analytics reporting; and some philosophical reasons why the machines won’t be taking over any time.

All this, plus bots, blockchain, two pieces (a blog and a podcast) in which thought-leaders lay out the true significance of AI for business, and an off-the-wall look at deep learning.

Come fly with us.

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