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Webtrends acquires analytics firm Reinvigorate

Digital analytics company Webtrends has acquired real-time analytics firm Reinvigorate from investment group (mt) Media Temple Ventures. The deal closed August 5.

Bruce Kenny, EVP of technology and hosted operations at Webtrends, said the acquisition will add real-time analytics capabilities to the company’s online, mobile and social measurement offerings. He declined to reveal the deal’s financial terms.

“Today’s world of mobile, social and site requires the deep analytics we have and the site optimization, but adding real-time gives us that first few hours’ data where marketers are making these key changes to any of their online, specifically social campaigns,” said Kenny. “Real-time becomes more and more valuable as the world becomes focused around the social and mobile.”

Reinvigorate measures Web traffic at the visitor level in real-time, letting companies view on-site behavior, analyze traffic sources, and track registered users through its NameTags product. Kenny said Culver City, Calif.-based Reinvigorate will retain its brand “for the short term,” but all new customers interested in Reinvigorate products will become Webtrends’ clients.

Reinvigorate CEO and founder Sean McNamara began serving as chief architect of real-time analytics at Webtrends on August 8. Kenny, who will oversee McNamara, declined to comment on whether other Reinvigorate employees will be retained or how many staffers will report to McNamara. McNamara has relocated to Webtrends’ Portland, Ore., headquarters.

Last August, Webtrends acquired social marketing company Transpond, which measures content on mobile and social media. Kenny said it’s possible that Webtrends will make another acquisition in the next year, but declined to offer specifics.

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