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Weak Links and Broken Promises: What You Need to Know Before Your Next Mobile Ad Campaign

Consumers’ rapid adoption of mobile devices has caught many marketers off guard, especially with no standards for l how to link mobile devices to people, and the absence of information about who sees the ads and campaign performance. 

Unlike desktop marketing, where cookies are a universal standard, marketers and their agencies are left wading through a mass of ad platforms all using different methods while making mind-numbingly confusing claims about reach, accuracy and attribution.  But with mobile evolving so quickly, marketers can’t wait. They need to untangle this mass of competing and confusing claims now.
Join us for a practical and informative webinar that breaks down in plain English the various methods used to link mobile devices to people and data, and help you understand the realities behind what you are buying today.  In less than an hour, you’ll have a clearer picture of the landscape, pros and cons of each method, and you’ll know the right questions you should ask before undertaking your next mobile ad campaign.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between deterministic and probabilistic methods, and the tradeoffs each require — presented in plain English with no advanced degrees require
  • How to use actual purchase data  for both targeting and measurement, instead of relying on guesswork to reach your audience and know whether the mobile campaign is successful
  • Why accuracy and scale can be mutually exclusive, and how to overcome those limitations
  • What various measurement methods and sound-alike -names actually mean, and what you can tell (and not tell) by using them
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