Walter Karl Debuts Casual Male List, Insert Programs

Walter Karl Inc., Pearl River, NY, a division of Donnelley Marketing and infoUSA, said yesterday that it was appointed list manager for the new-to-market catalog file and insert media programs from Casual Male Retail Group Inc.

The Casual Male catalog file has 91,700 last-12-month buyers of apparel and accessories for big and tall men. The file is 70 percent male with an age range of 35-65, average income of $70,000 and average purchase of $100.

Selects on the list include recency, geography, gender, dollar, multi-buyer, product, credit card and Internet source. The base price is $110/M.

The Casual Male catalog blow-in program offers 7 million catalogs annually and costs $35/M. The Casual Male package insert program consists of 92,000 annual packages and costs $65/M.

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