Vocus pitches own company in b-to-b effort

PR software company Vocus is conducting a lead-generation b-to-b campaign, using direct mail and e-mail to connect with large companies.

Vocus tapped design firm HZDG to create the direct mail pieces. It is using the Eloqua marketing platform to monitor responses, including which respondents log on using PURLs.

Unlike the company’s other efforts to connect with small- and mid-sized businesses where it offers a demo of its products, Vocus is giving two complimentary white papers and a book to large business prospects.

The company is conducting the campaign on a staggered schedule. It distributed a direct mail piece to about 5,000 recipients late last month. Recipients who go online and enter a customized PURL included in the mailer can download a report, which usually costs $397, for free.

Vocus followed up with a second mailer this week, promoting an online white paper, as well as an e-mail promotion.

“If you download either of those papers, you are still not getting a phone call,” said Hunter Montgomery, director of marketing at Vocus. He emphasized that a company strategy is to offer value upfront before approaching prospective clients with a sales pitch.

Vocus will also send a second e-mail and third direct mail piece on November 9, offering a free copy of David Meerman Scott’s book Real-Time Marketing & PR. The company’s sales team will then follow up on responses and requests from consumers.

So far, Montgomery said the campaign beat expectations and performed stronger than demo-focused efforts it had conducted in the past.

“The beauty of Eloqua and PURLs, is that the recipient’s name is already on the page,” said Montgomery. “We’re not being intrusive and asking for any more information from them. We already know who they are — their title, industry — so there are no barriers to them downloading the content.”

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