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Virgin America rolls out check-in deals to San Francisco terminal

Virgin America launched a check-in deals campaign on Sept. 26 that rewards consumers with merchant, flight and hotel discounts. Virgin America developed the “VX Deals on the Fly” program in-house.

Consumers who check in to San Francisco International Airport’s Terminal 2 via mobile app Loopt are prompted to watch a video promoting the terminal’s amenities in exchange for offers such as a discounted car rental, a room deal from the airline’s loyalty program partner Morgans Hotel Group or a free Virgin America flight. 

Jill Fletcher, social media manager at California-based Virgin America, said the airline chose to develop the program as a way to promote the terminal, which opened in April.

“Given that our terminal is still really new and it’s really our home base, our aim is to create new and interesting ways for people to explore the new space and everything it has to offer,” Fletcher said.

Participating merchants will be able to track offer redemptions and compare those to the number of offers served, said Fletcher.

Consumers who trigger an offer from Virgin America or Morgans Hotel Group will receive the deal via email. Fletcher said that neither company has plans to tag the emailed offer with an opt-in to its email marketing program.

Virgin America is conducting the program, which runs through Dec. 22, with the potential to expand to its other terminals throughout the country, said Fletcher.

The airline is promoting the program via its social media channels and in-terminal signage. Additionally, consumers with Loopt installed on their mobile devices will receive a push notification when within proximity of the terminal.

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