Vessel Hope launches anonymous gift card site

Vessel Hope, a division of Vessel World Media Inc., has announced launch of The site intends to provide an anonymous means to contribute to others in financial need. It aims to prove itself the pre-eminent provider in anonymous giving.

The idea originated with Vessel World Media’s founder and president, Desiree Summers, who thought it a perfect idea to fill a niche. “It’s a miracle that people now have a way to anonymously be proactive in helping others.”

Merging from its television programming operation, Vessel seeks to diversify its already broad reaching brand.

The company has plans to evaluate marketing options into the near future. They’re hoping that the partnership created with (Pittsburgh, PA) proves itself a flawless act of synergy.

“I was contacted by Desiree and William Summers in July 2007, and after hearing their story and the goal of the Vessel Hope Foundation, I felt it was something that our firm wanted to be a part of.” currently offers Visa Debit Gift Cards, ATM usable Gift Cards, Special Occasion Card Carriers, and instant online VirtualGift Accounts. They serve primarily corporate clients.

Initially, all transactions will be conducted online. The firm has intentions to expand the service to phone around the second quarter of 2008.

Vessel World Media is an independent producer of entertainment and outreach. Its fitness program (Vessel Fitness) reaches 100 million people globally.

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