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Venture Direct Gains Management of McGraw-Hill Book Group Files

Venture Direct, New York, today has taken over list management duties of the McGraw-Hill Professional Book Group master file of more than 400,000 book-buyer names, as well as its subcategory lists.

“We are really excited to have been awarded management of the McGraw-Hill Professional Book Group,” said Henry DiSciullo, vice president of list services at Venture Direct. “Our marketing plan provides for a considerable increase in revenue.”

The McGraw-Hill Professional Book Group master file is a 24-month file composed of direct mail buyers of books pertaining to specific technical professions.

Subcategories contained within the master file make up 15 individual lists by book subject purchased, including architectural, construction, aviation, business, computing, marine and several kinds of engineering.

Brokers will be given 20 percent commission on the file as opposed to the 10 percent that was given prior to the move to Venture Direct.

Venture has also had the files overlaid for the first time with business demographic information for increased selectivity. Traditional selects on the files include age, dollar, geography and recency.

In the future, Venture hopes to add opt-in e-mail addresses to the McGraw-Hill roster of selections.

Venture Direct was one of four well-respected list management firms vying for the McGraw-Hill business.

DiSciullo said, “I think that we offer a lot of avenues for McGraw-Hill that most traditional list companies do not necessarily explore.”

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