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Using the Net to Provide Data That an Infomercial Can’t

The symbiotic relationship between DRTV and the Internet is causing a revolutionary re-start by breathing new life into DRTV and mainstream advertising. The days of putting on infomercials and DRTV one- or two-minute spots so that one can maximize profit are gone.

Even though other ancillary markets (home shopping, retail, catalogs) help a direct response campaign, it is the Web that results in increased avenues of information and Internet sales and puts the icing on a completely integrated direct response campaign.

Advertising on Web sites and calling toll-free numbers are new mediums that are more comfortable and enjoyable for the consumer compared to just watching an ad on TV. The universe of direct selling is expanding day to day due to daily use of the Internet.

Advertising on the Web is a demonstrative medium where people can read, watch, search and see a product demonstration. Eventually, the combination of watching and listening makes people buy. Companies are gaining consumers by the minute. Advertising on the Web allows new populations (more modern and hi-tech) to be reached.

The two mediums, DRTV and the Internet, work in conjunction with each other.

They establish a new set of cross-promotional tools for the investor, as well as the buyer. Place something on the Web, and the advertising constraints of television disappear. Use DRTV to create sales while at the same time directing people to your Web site so that they know it exists. Once consumers get to your Web site, you can offer them more products and information than you could on TV.

For example, a recent new infomercial on the all-time favorite television shows includes more than 90 products. How many of these products can you see in a two-minute spot? Therefore, interested buyers can go to the Columbia House Web site and see the page dedicated to the infomercial and look through the products at their leisure. This allows the consumer to not have to choose on the phone or make any decision in a hurry.

Due to the comfort factor, DRTV and the Internet are growing at an enormously high rate. E-tail and DRTV are a perfect fit because they deal directly with the consumer.

DRTV advertising is based on instant response. Because of Internet use, DRTV advertising becomes more cost-effective. By using both mediums you are able to amortize (justify the cost) TV time by selling via toll-free numbers, as well as advertise your Web site through your DRTV spot. Bottom line: Gain and retain your buyers/consumers by letting them see your product on TV and then explore your product on the Web!

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