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Ultimat says “no way” to all work and no play

The Offer: White collar professionals have been known to work 80-hour weeks. For this reason the Ultimat Vodka brand, owned by The Patrón Spirits Company, has made it its mission to reestablish the work/life balance—one cocktail at a time. Ultimat and full-service agency Amalgamated hired a team of real-life window washers to don suits and scale skyscrapers in New York and Chicago on a Friday in July. Each suited window washer held signs up to the glass for workaholics inside to read, such as, “Have you heard about fresh air? It’s amazing!” and “Stop working. Start drinking.” The buildings’ denizens were then invited to “Come and have a drink (on us)” at happy hour parties to mingle, de-stress, and drink free Ultimat Vodka.

The Data: A video of the guerrilla “Window Washers” stunt racked up nearly two million YouTube views in two and half weeks.

The Channel: Ultimat blended social, mobile, video, outdoor, digital ads, ambient marketing, and direct-to-consumer events. The summer Fridays push was part of the brand’s “Find Balance, Find Ultimat” campaign, which includes the “Social Life Audit,” a Facebook app designed by Stinkdigital that analyzes users’ offline social life based on status updates, photos, and check-ins, to determine how much fun they’re having in the real world.

The Creative: Amalgamated created a series of “get offline” banner ads to target people reading finance websites on weekend nights after 10 p.m. with personalized messages based on the specific article being read. For example, “It’s 10:46 on a Friday and you’re reading how bad news in Greece and Italy is spilling over to other markets.”

The Verdict:

Cathy Salazar is senior partner and search practice lead at MEC Interaction, where she is responsible for oversight of AT&T’s search marketing business. Salazar has more than 12 years of experience in the digital field, including display ad work for Agency.com and JPMorgan Chase. Read our Q&A with Cathy for more.

Bravo! Creative and targeted. There’s an element of the unknown, active engagement, and looking at the white collar professional from a different point of view. It was brilliant that Ultimat culminated the experience with an event.

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