Tying analytics to ad networks helps Web sites target users

Analytics can play a key role in optimizing any campaign, and for brands Channel 4 and HowStuffWorks, tying analytics to their ad network buys is a new way that both publishers are optimizing their display ad campaigns. Earlier this month, data services firm Omniture and ad network 24/7 Real Media formed a strategic partnership with these and other publishers to track visitor site behavior and tie this information into their display ads.?

“Omniture is capturing all of the click stream information and all of the behavior that is happening from an individual user on a particular Web site and, from that information, the Web site publisher can create really compelling segments that can then be used for much better targeted advertising,” said Chris Parkin, senior director of Genesis solutions at Omniture.?

Omniture’s SiteCatalyst technology tracks site visitors’ behavior and, based on that, creates different kinds of visitor segments. This information is then shared with 24/7’s Open AdStream product, which serves an ad based on a particular segment. AdStream technology also can track clicks and ad interactions, which is tied into the Omniture data back end. The integration comes together in 24/7 Real Media’s Open AdStream and Omniture’s Genesis, an online marketing tool that integrates third-party applications with Omniture products. ?

The aim of combining these technologies is to help publishers better understand which page views have the highest value to advertisers and therefore better manage ad inventory, as well as to serve more targeted ads to consumers. ?

“The idea of this partnership is to help marketers optimize their campaigns, by letting them collect the data, identify paths that a user takes within a site, and then serving up particular messaging based on this behavior,” said Nicolle Pangis, VP of global media and technology at 24/7 Real Media.?

In addition, for publishers including Channel 4 — which is already a customer of both technology providers — the partnership helps tie together two existing data sources into one interface, to help optimize campaign creation.

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