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Twitter’s new four-picture collage feature could be a big creative opportunity for brands

Last week, Twitter rolled out a big update to its mobile app which would allow users to tag up to 10 people in pictures they post to Twitter. But buried at the bottom of that update announcement was another new feature that’s much more exciting for brands.

Twitter users can now post up to four pictures in a single tweet, and the platform will stitch them together into an elegantly laid out collage. The pictures can then be clicked on individually or viewed all together at the same time.

Here’s what it looks like:

For brands, this is a great opportunity to fit more visual content into less space, and still have an impact. They are no longer limited by trying to convey a message in only one image, or trying to fit it in a six second Vine video. Four images are just enough to tell a coherent, engaging story or deliver an effective message. Its a great way for brands to communicate without being restricted by a single image or a 140-character text tweet. It’s also useful for brands who don’t have the budget or the time to shoot an entertaining, smart Vine video.

Here are a few examples of brands who are already experimenting with the new feature. UK non-profit organization Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) used it to highlight its work in combating the Ebola virus outbreak in Africa:

Cat food brand Meow Mix used it to tell a story about its new product:

And juice brand Izze used the feature to post four different recipes into a single tweet.

The brands making use of the feature have already recognized its potential as a storytelling tool, which is what all good content should be. Its only a matter of time before these collages turn into full fledged advertisements, and it’ll be interesting to see the numbers on how much engaging they are than just single images.

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