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Tune builds upon app install tracking success

Mobile marketing provider Tune continues its success in streamline mobile ad tracking. The company helps app companies better manager their pay-per-install campaigns.

Founded in 2009, the company began with its HasOffers product, an affiliate marketing product that enables brands to extend and offers to publishers and track leads and purchases.

Its second service MobileApp Tracking streamlines the ad tracking process across apps and advertising networks. The company charges app companies on a per-attribution basis.

The product’s rise came, in part, when Apple phased out UDID (unique device identifier) tracking in response to privacy concerns and began blocking apps that used it in 2012.  MobileApp Tracking gathers a host of anonymous data when a user clicks on an ad and makes qualified assumption of which users actually installed an app on their devices, thereby informing which publishers are driving the most success.

The company recently raised 27 million in Series B funding, which followed a $9.4 million round in 2013. Clients include Spotify, Uber, Square and Supercell.

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