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Translation Blunders and Wonders: How Global Brands Get Lost and Found in Translation

Marketing messages don’t always travel well across borders. So how do the best global brands avoid getting lost in translation? While some have successfully avoided translation errors, others have made some pretty famous mistakes. As marketers, what can we do to prevent embarrassment and safeguard brands in other markets?
In this webinar, translation veteran Nataly Kelly will give examples of brands that have made mistakes in other countries and languages and why they offer some important lessons. A few points of discussion include:

  • Which major brands have made embarrassing translation blunders—and how did they recover?
  • Which brands have done smart and even awe-inspiring campaigns for local markets?
  • What are some simple steps that marketers can take to avoid getting lost in translation?
  • What are some of the best ways to improve translation quality overall?
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