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Top 10 Digital PR Agencies

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Whether you’re a major international corporation or a brand new startup company, your image and representation matter. Nothing goes unnoticed in today’s world, and consumers are quick to call out any issues or conflicts that may arise within your business. That’s why securing the right public relations agency to have your back is essential to a seamless business. The following are some of the best agencies for both smaller startups and major companies.

1. Adogy

If you’re a small to midsize company, Adogy is the place to go for media placements, expanding your brand, and exposure in premier publications. Adogy specializes in digital press to boost brand credibility and awareness, as well as building your digital media to facilitate strong organic search traffic results. Adogy has a 90% success rate with their placements, so know that you’re getting the best guarantee possible when you sign on with Adogy for all your public relations needs.

2. Leo Burnett

With clients such as Coca-Cola, Kraft, Nintendo, McDonald’s, Samsung, and more, Leo Burnett is clearly one of the industry leaders in today’s digital PR agency world. Leo Burnett was founded in Chicago in 1935 and has grown today to be an agency doing incredible work worldwide. This includes one of their most famous campaigns includes Always’ #LikeAGirl campaign centered around female empowerment.

3. Weber Shandwick

Weber Shandwick is a Public Relations and Communications agency known for its dedication to commitment and relentless hard work. Their most prominent public relations efforts include: earned media strategy and media relations, influencer engagement, digital and social strategy, emerging platforms, and finally, paid and performance media.


DIJGTAL is one of the fastest-growing agencies in the industry today. Their innovative approach sets them apart from others, and it’s known as ROVA–Rapid Opportunity and Value Accelerator. This model is centered around innovation, change, and transformation as the basis of progress.

5. Beautiful Planning 

In 2021, Beautiful Planning was awarded the title as one of the best PR firms in America by Forbes. This accolade is hard to earn, but Beautiful Planning did it because they use real strategic media growth to create real results.

6. Shout Bravo 

The people at Shout Bravo position themselves as true experts in digital PR. Their primary goal is to create campaigns that the press love and the people remember–and they do just that. So, at Shout Bravo, they specialize in everything from digital PR to influencer marketing to content marketing and more.

7. 5W Public Relations

5W Public Relations is an agency that is based out of New York City, and its experience covering clients stretches far and wide. They have covered everyone from well-established brands to brand new startups to national corporations to tech companies to influencers and beyond. So, you name it, they have represented it. Their in-depth research and analysis of each and every client’s specific needs allows them to implement the strongest campaign strategies that are unique to each different client. Some of their top clients are L’Oréal, Vizio, Payless and so many more.  If you want a hands-on agency that knows how to cover public relations from every angle, 5W Public Relations is the place to go.

8. Channel V Media

Channel V Media is one of today’s top public relations agencies for Fortune 500 and venture-backed tech companies. Their client list is incredibly impressive; it includes clients such as IBM, Marriott Hotels, SeaWolf, and more. Their tech capabilities distinguish them from the competition because they have some of the most up-to-date and sought-after Artificial Intelligence programs implemented into their public relations and marketing efforts.

#9 Golin

Golin is known for its commitment to integrating inclusivity and collaboration within every aspect of its content creation and digital public relations work. Their founder’s motto is “Go All In”, and they associate this mantra with their commitment to bravery in all aspects of life and work. Also, their key specialty practice groups are Consumer, Corporate, Healthcare, Social Impact + Inclusion, and Technology. Moreover, they have represented clients such as McDonald’s, Asics, Cadbury and so many more. If you’re looking for an agency that does quality work and promotes true morality, Golin may be just right.

10. Affect

Last but not least is Affect. Founded in New York, this public relations agency covers more than just public relations, social media, and marketing. Affect specializes in technology, healthcare, and professional services, and its cutting-edge ideas make them one of today’s leading firms. Their services are specifically tailored to meet every individual client’s needs and budget. Likewise, they know that everyone has different goals.


Hopefully, this article was helpful in providing just a taste of what firms are out there and available to help you. Best of luck in looking through strong digital PR agencies!

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