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Time4Media, Parenting Group Magazines Up for Sale

Time Inc. is looking to unload several of its smaller niche brands as part of the publisher’s new strategy of focusing resources and investment on its largest and most profitable brands.

The Time4Media businesses for sale include Popular Science, the Marine Group, Time4Outdoors, TransWorld Media and Mountain Sports Media.

Time Inc.’s parenting group, holding titles like Parenting, Babytalk and Parenting.com, is also for sale.

In all, 18 print titles employing 620 people are for sale.

Time Inc. will concentrate on brands that have demonstrated an ability to draw in large audiences in print and digital form.

The New York company’s recent acquisition of Golf.com and a greater investment in its most successful Web sites, People.com and CNNMoney.com, are part of the new strategy.

After the divestments, Time Inc. will have 132 magazines around the world and 32 in the United States. Time Inc. Web sites get more than 1.5 billion page views each month.

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