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TikTok Marketing Strategies

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TikTok has not restricted itself to just Gen Z. The platform has started to include different types of content and has new features such as shoppable content and live streaming. The app interface is effortless to use and keeps things simple. Currently, TikTok has over one billion monthly active users. If businesses do not use TikTok marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, they are missing out on a major opportunity. During the pandemic, TikTok provided users with a new place to be entertained and let off steam.

Below are ways a brand can capitalize on the platform to increase its reach.

Post Authentic Content

To remain true to its identity, a brand can post authentic content on TikTok. Children and pets are extremely popular on TikTok, and content that features children or pets that have a chance of going viral. The short video format can produce positive results if brands are willing to show their fun and creative sides. For instance, Chipotle did a #boorito campaign that received over 4 billion views. One of their videos features chips that try to sing along with Adele.

Use Hashtags

The hashtags used should align with the content used. They should be relevant to any campaign or challenge that is posted. Too many hashtags can confuse viewers. They should be concise and easy to spell. Trends should be observed and then hashtags should be created in a way that they demonstrate the uniqueness of a brand. A seasonal hashtag will not be popular throughout the year. For instance, if a business sells fitness equipment, the hashtags used should be related to fitness such as #training.

Stick to Relevant Niche

To build a strong following, it is essential to stick to a niche. Without a niche, people would be confused as to what a business stands for. Avoid unrelated videos. It is better to stick to one or two related topics. For instance, if a business sells supplements, it is better to produce health-related videos. People would then follow with the expectation of getting tips on how to be healthier. Unrelated videos might lead to a loss of followers. It would also be difficult to grow the audience as people wouldn’t know what to expect. Indeed, a brand cannot reach everyone. It is better to find a niche audience and create content for them.

Use Humor

Use humor as a TikTok marketing strategy. If the narrative is quirky and makes the audience laugh, users will continue to watch. Funny videos attract the most attention irrespective of the category of the brand. Content that inspires laughter will always go down well with the audience. There are numerous videos available on TikTok with work-from-home-related hashtags which make fun of the absurdities of working through a global pandemic. Certainly, there are videos on tedious projects and difficult coworkers. For instance, Scrub Daddy uses content that is hilarious. The videos show a massive version of the bright yellow scrubber going on adventures and deriding people who use other products to clean their dishes.

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