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Threat Led Qwest to Drop Telemarketer

Telecommunications provider Qwest dropped its outbound telemarketing outsourcer Teleperformance USA after an agent left a threatening message for a consumer, a Qwest spokeswoman said yesterday.

According to a report from KUSA 9News in Denver, a consumer complained that, after he hung up on a telemarketing call offering long-distance telephone service, the agent called back and left an expletive-filled message on his voice mail. In the voice mail, the agent threatened to come to the consumer’s house and kill him, KUSA 9News said.

The consumer reported the incident to police, the station reported.

Qwest spokeswoman Rebecca Tennille confirmed that Qwest had ceased doing business with Teleperformance USA. She said the company had a “zero-tolerance policy” for inappropriate behavior by Qwest employees and vendors. The company required vendors to screen all their employees, she said.

Teleperformance USA declined to answer questions for this story but issued a statement saying that it regretted the incident and was cooperating with authorities.

“Teleperformance USA strives to maintain the highest standards of professionalism at all times,” the company said in the statement. “The individual in question has been subject to disciplinary action and no longer works for the company.”

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