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The Sports Authority Picks Harte-Hanks for CRM Services

Harte-Hanks Inc., a direct and interactive services customer relationship management solutions provider, said that The Sports Authority, the largest full-line sporting goods retailer in the United States, has chosen the company to provide expanded CRM services.

The Sports Authority, Fort Lauderdale, FL, will rely on Harte-Hanks' behavior-driven CRM solution, Allink Agent, which will act as the hub of the retailer's real-time, multimedia customer contact strategy.

As a rules-based CRM application, Allink Agent centrally manages multichannel acquisition, reactivation, cross-selling and retention opportunities nearly instantaneously by integrating a customer's enterprisewide activity to create a single view of the customer. Drawing on this reach, companies can analyze all front-office interactions and back-office transactions, recognize significant events quickly and respond more quickly to sales opportunities.

Jeff Handler, senior vice president of marketing and advertising at The Sports Authority, said the breadth of database, direct mail and on-demand expertise at Harte-Hanks, Billerica, MA, was key to the retailer's selection.

“Using Allink Agent's real-time analysis to power the print-on-demand and customer information services of Harte-Hanks, we can now contact both existing and new customers within days of their shopping in our stores,” Handler said.

During the recent holiday season, The Sports Authority ran a regional campaign that offered holiday shoppers an incentive for making additional purchases before Dec. 25. The firm used Allink Agent to analyze daily point-of-sale transactions, leverage customer information resources, produce daily mail files and facilitate print-on-demand and distribution services via a Harte-Hanks regional center.

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