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The MarTech Landscape in 2018

In 2011, Scott Brinker published his first marketing technology landscape supergraphic. It included 150 vendors. Today, the number of players in the space is around 5,000 — and that’s probably a conservative estimate: It doesn’t, for example, include the growing field of consultants, enablers, and advisers. But while growth may have been exponential, the nature of the landscape has changed significantly, and its future remains controversial. In this virtual event, you’ll learn:

  • The single stack v. best-of-breed debate is all but over
  • The dream of the single, victorious, all-in-one marketing suite was just that: a dream
  • Nobody wants to be a walled garden any more
  • iPaaS is more important than PaaS: it’s a post-platform world

We’ll also be talking about whether growth is slowing, ending, or just looking different. 

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