The Journey to One-to-One Excellence

Customers of Xanterra Parks & Resorts are adventurers who enjoy exploring new and exotic locales. Marketers at the hospitality company recently took their own expedition: From siloed data and disconnected marketing campaigns to a cohesive and connected approach that allows Xanterra to provide unique and personalized communications and interactions with guests who enjoy such diverse activities as camping and luxury cruising.

Join Xanterra’s corporate marketing team on their ongoing journey, as they explore the opportunities their excursion has presented and the challenges they surmounted to reach the peaks they’ve climbed so far.

You’ll also learn how:

  • Integrating Xanterra’s disparate data sources makes its data highly actionable
  • Leveraging connected data allows the marketing team to optimize targeting 
  • Centralizing data has delivered not only increases in marketing performance, but also operating efficiencies
  • Taking a big risk on a new technology paid off—and in much less time than expected
  • Building a long-term roadmap helped to ensure short-term success
  • Conducting a segmentation study and customer journey maps allowed the marketing team to better align its messaging and campaigns across brands

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to map out your own one-to-one journey. Register now and discover how rethinking your approach to customer data can chart your course to success.


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