The Changing Face of B2B Marketing

With potential customers completing 85 to 90% of their journey online before speaking with a sales representative, B2B marketing needs to learn lessons from how B2C has prospered in a digital environment. That doesn’t just mean an increased emphasis on inbound marketing, and the creation of great content. Given the time and complexity of the B2B customer journey, it means leveraging a wide range of data sources to get relevant content in front of the right decision-makers at the right time. It means creating a consistent experience across multiple touchpoints, from web pages and white papers, through events and webinars, to eventual one-on-one conversations. What’s more, B2B can’t overlook social any more, with many purchasers keener to hear from influencers and peers than from brands.

This virtual event will explore:
• Optimization of content for B2B marketing
• The role of social media
• When ABM is the right way to go, and
• Doing it all at scale.

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