Tech Mailings' Big Delivery Costs Seek Big Payback

Technology firms Intercomp and Intelligent Information Systems are using overnight delivery in a business-to-business campaign to get the piece noticed.

The campaign, which promotes the newest version of Intercomp's systems management software, began in March and runs through August. It targets CEOs and IT executives at mid-sized to large businesses in insurance, finance, banking and healthcare, with 200 pieces mailing each month. Names were taken from a database provided by Computer Intelligence, which is owned by Harte-Hanks Inc.

Assaf Kedem, director of product marketing at Intercomp, said it was too early to measure results from the March and April mailings.

Printing and production costs for the campaign were $7,000, he said, with the overnight delivery costing $15 per package. The company thinks the high cost per piece is balanced by the price of the software, which can range from $5,000 to $100,000 in licensing fees.

Recipients get a personalized cover letter outlining the benefits and capabilities of the software and a CD-ROM with a free, 30-day trial version. The CD-ROM includes a product white paper and a user's guide.

The CD holder contains a business reply card that recipients can send back if they are interested in a free, 30-day consultation service with Intelligent Information Systems. The BRC asks for name, title, company, mailing address and how long before the recipient plans to transform its current software system.

Kedem said this is the first proactive campaign for the product, AnalyzeIT. It previously was available only as a download from Intercomp's Web site, but now is being offered in a bundled package by IIS, which is one of Intercomp's systems integrators.

AnalyzeIt helps companies upgrade their software systems, a process that Kedem said can intimidate even IT professionals. To reduce the fear factor, the campaign uses the theme of “transform with trust.”

“The word 'transform' implies risks,” Kedem said. “We want them to know that we can do this in a very smooth fashion for them with no risks at all, and that they can keep up to speed with new business needs and functionality.”

Responses are being handled by IIS because it is providing the service and management for the project.

Hawse Design, Charlotte, NC, is the graphics design agency that created the piece.

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