System Grades Visibility of Sites and Their Competition

Word of Net Inc. is expected today to announce its Visibility Index service, which measures the overall online presence of a Web site and its competitors.

The index tallies the number of times a site appears at independent referring sites, responds to keywords at major search engines, is presented at category listings on search engine directories, and gets mentioned in online editorial or promotional content.

Each mention is put into context for the quality and relevance of its placement, according to the needs of the client, and is rated from 0 to 1,000.

The service also reports how a site's four major competitors fare against the same research.

According to the company, Visibility Index can also help a site:

• Find noncompetitive firms that share common interests and might make good partners.

• Discover keywords it might want to use as search engine metatags.

• Recognize new categories for directory listings.

Proactively respond to competitors' actions by tracking their online behavior.

The Visibility Index is meant to complement metric services offered by Internet measurement firms Media Metrix and NetRatings, said Eric Sanders, CEO of Word of Net.

“Their metrics can show how many people are visiting your site,” he said. “Ours can tell you the cause behind what is driving them to your site.”

Visibility Index is offered as a one-time analysis for $5,000 or as a subscription-based service costing $13,500 for three months. Longer subscriptions also are available.

Word of Net offers its Visibility Alerts program free of charge for any subscription of three months or longer.

This service sends an e-mail notification to a Web firm whenever there have been online occurrences that signify potential marketing opportunities or moves by competitors. For example, the program can advise clients of new domain name registrations that may represent a move by a competitor.

Word of Net, Sherman Oaks, CA, also offers clients third-party e-marketing services to improve possible deficiencies they learn of through Visibility Index statistics.

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