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Strategies for Emailing Canadians: Proving Consent

As of July 1, 2017 CASL and proving consent became black or white. You can either prove consent or you cannot. If you cannot, you should not be using email or SMS text to contact Canadians. The potential fines of up to $10 million per violation is simply not worth the risk.


Join Derek Lackey, President of the Direct Marketing Association of Canada and Managing Partner of Newport Thomson, trusted compliance advisors for CASL, PIPEDA, CAN-SPAM and GDPR, to explore the various strategies and tactics for gathering and claiming consent. CRTC has provided clear guidance regarding proof of consent and what that looks like, so let’s be clear about what you can and cannot do regarding consent and CASL when emailing Canadians. CRTC has many active investigations of US companies and will likley announce several fines in the next few months. We will show you how to stay off their radar and email Canadians the proper way.

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