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StatSocial allows you to analyze customized groups of Twitter users


StatSocial analyzes custom-defined groups of Twitter users based on more than 60 sources, including other social media channels and blogs.

Follower reports cover gender, age, location, income, education, interests, as well as favorite celebrities, TV shows, brands, and more. Reports also distinguish between business and consumer followers.

Tweet reports cover the same data points for people who tweet about defined content, including any Boolean combination of keywords, hashtags, mentions of specific Twitter accounts, or URLs.

Basic subscription service starts at a $1,000 per month. A free version is also available to all Twitter account holders.

Matthew Don, chief innovation officer at Doremus, has been using StatSocial for about four years.

How do you use it?
We’ve been using StatSocial since its inception. We currently use the API, but we previously logged into the platform and uploaded custom lists of Twitter users to understand demographics of audience segments we had identified. The interface provides rich and detailed reports across a number of demographic profiles.

We now have our own in-house platform that looks at Twitter networks, communities, themes within communities, influencers, key content, and more. We don’t actually touch StatSocial’s interface any more. Rather, we query their API with a list of Twitter handles, and they send us demographic information for those profiles. Then we pull the StatSocial data into our own platform to add deeper levels of audience insight.

The platform is very reliable, and the customer support team is very responsive. I have a dedicated account manager and access to the VP of client services and sales operations. If we run into any issues they’re resolved quickly.

How does it serve your business needs?
StatSocial gives us data-driven insights to inform communications planning and competitive advantage that we can’t necessarily get elsewhere.

Twitter is the largest public corpus of information. Using it as a data set is invaluable to further understanding community nuances.

StatSocial provides a rich portrait of Twitters users that we can use in multiple ways, including better defining specific audience attributes and thinking about personas based on these attributes. We also use StatSocial data to confirm hypotheses or generate unique insights into the attributes of specific audiences. All of this allows us to better define opportunities for our clients.

We recently helped plan a highly effective physical event for one of the world’s largest tech companies as a result of knowing detailed demographic information about the company’s audience. For example, we used social data and age profiles to get a sense of the sweet spot for this audience and plan activities this audience would gravitate toward.

The event, which was conceived and executed in conjunction with multiple other agencies and tools, sold out and delivered an 11-to-1 ROI for the client, as well as a massive number of leads.

StatSocial also helps our agency with new business development and pitches. For example, if we’re looking to understand a particular audience, we’ll do analysis on those audiences and refine that to develop personas and demographic portraits. 

How does it integrate with your existing infrastructure from an IT standpoint?
They have an API that we query with our requests and they send us a response. We enrich our internal analysis with their data. We can display user data and integrate it into our databases however we want. It works seamlessly. 

What are the main benefits?
It provides a quick way to profile audience demographics and interests. It gives us an enriched level of insight across multiple key demographics.

The platform scales across different audience segments – from small to large. It provides large sample sizes for data-driven insights that you can’t necessarily get through traditional qualitative research. 

StatSocial is responsive, nimble, and flexible in meeting our needs and delivering what we require. 

What would you like to see improved/added?
None. We’ve made requests in the past, and StatSocial integrated all of them into the tool. They’ve really been great about adapting the product to our needs.

Demographics Pro: provides detailed demographic and psychographic analysis of individual Twitter users and groups of users. Additional features include an “Influence Search” tool that allows clients to find and rank people, brands, and media that influence various target audiences on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

SocialBro: customizable Twitter analytics and reporting tools, including audience and account analysis; profile and content reports; audience segmentation and targeting tools; and more.

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