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Spotlight On: The NewFronts Continue Quest for Digital Dollars

It’s NewFronts season, where websites and digital players attempt to captivate advertisers in a manner similar to the broadcast and network TV industries. The major players are a mix of digital arms of traditional media companies (Conde Nast Entertainment, CNN, and The Economist), media startups (BuzzFeed, Refinery 29, and PopSugar), and media-slash-tech plays (YouTube, AOL, Yahoo).

Here’s what you need to know:

Actress Kristen Stewart will be making her directorial debut in partnership with Refinery29 (Hollywood Reporter).

Hosting company fetes are expected to cost anywhere from 100,000 to millions of dollars (Digiday)

BuzzFeed took the opportunity to announce it receives 7 billion views a month, spanning its core editorial products and its fast-growing video unit (Variety).

The New York Times focused much of its presentations on the incipient world of VR (Advertising Age).

For more, check out the IAB’s in-depth information about all of the NewFronts.

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