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SMS Marketing Campaigns for Holidays

SMS marketing

Holiday sales can always get stronger and text message marketing can always be helpful in this respect as it is the preferred way to communicate for most people. Texting is an effective way to send targeted marketing messages. The method of sending messages is also cheap to execute and can draw the attention of people quickly. It is an effective way to stay connected with customers during the holiday season. Given below are some SMS marketing ideas that will help a business during the holiday season.

Schedule Text Messages in Advance

Holiday text messages need scheduled in advance. The campaign needs designed in such a way that it starts targeting the audience before the holiday season begins. Tools that help to schedule mass text messages need utilized so that a business can focus on more important matters by sending the right messages at the right time.

Send Holiday Messages

These days customers want to connect with businesses beyond commercial reasons. Personalized holiday content should be used to build meaningful connections with customers. Sending holiday messages with emojis help to remind customers about businesses during the holiday season. GIFs can also be used. Special offers can also be sent. For instance, a wintery image can also be sent for Christmas. A business that sells clothes can send a suggestion that buying woolen scarves can be a great idea.

Use One-Off Promotions

A lot of shoppers start shopping earlier so that they can make the most of sales. Special offers add to holiday campaigns via SMS marketing. Also, potentially send exclusive offers, discounts, and deals to customers via text. Give customers a discount in return for sign-up. Since holidays are an expensive time, people will always be on the lookout for deals and offers.

Tips for the Holiday Season

A business can also share seasonal tips, it is a lighthearted way to remind customers that it would start a holiday campaign. Seasonal tips are particularly effective if a business sells products that need care. For instance, a business that sells plants can share tips on how to look after plants during the winter. It is better to use tips that align best with the business. A business that sells cookware can share recipe ideas. Also, share Secret Santa blogs. This would help in forming a true bond with customers that will go beyond products and services.

Gift Suggestions

A great way to showcase products is to suggest them as gifts. A lot of people find it confusing to choose gifts for their friends and family. With text, it is easy to end a gift suggestion list. Links to the products suggested as gifts. Also, use a well-designed catalog as a list of gift suggestions. For instance, pine candles can be suggested as gifts for Thanksgiving. Also, don’t forget to get your customers holiday greeting cards to show appreciation.

Dara Busch is Co-CEO of 5WPR, a leading US PR Firm.

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